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What exactly is a Managed WAN Service?

A computer network that spans a large geographical area, otherwise known as a WAN (Wide-Area Network), consists of multiple LAN’s (Local-Area Networks) in order to successfully connect many different locations together. Computer systems on a Wide-Area Network are most commonly connected through robust public networks. In business, this is an important aspect of daily operations. A managed WAN service allows each branch of business to have a common infrastructure, in order to create similar work environments and efficient communications.

In many ways, businesses depend on secure and reliable connectivity, and they require proactive maintenance to detect and solve any problems before users have to deal with them. From tracking software updates, to analysing trends and monitoring performance, network management tools help cover all of these areas. With converged networks, an increase in both public and private traffic, and the evolution of voice and data services, networks are now even more active and complex than ever. As these networking needs increase, many businesses choose to outsource WAN management responsibilities.

With the importance of having effective communications systems, many larger businesses employ firms to design, implement, and monitor their networks.

MPLS (multi protocol label switching) based solutions are a cost effective, and flexible option. These services can provide in depth solutions for everyday needs and help to proactively manage network security. Higher tiers of service can also provide advanced troubleshooting and hardware support, while ensuring all software is updated and configured correctly. With various support resources, such as providing staff to improve on-site installation or creating reports for performance improvements to its customers, these services help businesses thrive. When searching for managed WAN services in Ireland, find the provider that will work the best alongside the current and future needs of your business.  


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