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Broadband for Business in Ireland

Airspeed provides broadband for business owners with a fully managed network service that is custom designed to meet their specific business broadband requirements along with premium level service guarantees.

Our connectivity solutions include high speed internet as well as MPLS. We also provide leased lines, business ethernet, and direct peering connectivity. Our network is designed to carrier class standards with reach all over Ireland as well as internationally.

We connect directly to Tier 1 and Tier 2 IP Transit providers. This allows us access to multiple internet exchanges and content delivery networks in Ireland and the UK to give you the best response times and reliable service. Our technologies include IP, TDM, SIP Voice, and advanced firewall services to guard your security.

Features of our business broadband include access over fibre or licensed networks, rapid service provisioning, and scalable bandwidths up to multi-Gb. Our International peering arrangements give our users a better internet experience by reducing latency to some of the most commonly used sites including RTE, BBC, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Youtube, and more. We also have a fully managed service with proactive monitoring.

Our business broadband gives you a fully managed network service that is custom designed for business connectivity. We give you a network that is proven to be reliable with premium service guarantees. Our service guarantees are the best in the business, and we offer you first line technical response provided by our in house technical team. We manage all aspects of our service for you, giving you reliability, convenience and peace of mind.

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