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AirSpeed Telecom purchase by Irish Infrastructure Fund points the way forward for growth At AirSpeed Telecom we reached an important milestone recently when the acquisition of our parent company, the enet Group, by the Irish Infrastructure Fund (IIF) was finalised. We're excited about this development because it leaves us very well positioned for growth and gives a strong forward direction for our team and for our enterprise customers.

The IIF, which is managed by AMP Capital and Irish Life Investment Managers, is a long-term strategic investor who's committed to AirSpeed Telecom and to Ireland. Its acquisition of the enet Group, including AirSpeed Telecom, enet's dedicated retail division, is a strong mark of confidence in what we've helped build since AirSpeed Telecom merged with enet back in 2014. With our strong retail operations, growing national network and open-access wholesale business, we’re one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies in the Irish market.

enet’s wholesale business serves more than 70 operators in Ireland, and here at AirSpeed Telecom we design and deliver voice, data and security solutions directly to more than 400 Irish business customers, including Irish Distillers, United Drug and Dairygold.

This year marks the 15th year of AirSpeed Telecom serving enterprise customers, and one thing that's been true ever since our foundation is that companies who come to us value our reliability, and premium Service Level Agreements. They also need stability of support and the long-term certainty of knowing their communications provider will be there well into the future.

We’re delighted about becoming part of the Irish Infrastructure Fund, because this investment provides our customers with that important stability and long-term outlook, as well as the resources that will let us continue to expand the products, services and network capacity we can make available to our customers.

It’s also further evidence of how vital telecoms is to Ireland and its future. The Irish Infrastructure Fund has a substantial portfolio of Irish infrastructure assets, including investments in energy and healthcare, but telecoms also play a key role, as companies’ reliance on and hunger for communications technologies continues to grow.

"The demand for data is growing at 25% per annum, and Ireland needs to build out much more capacity if it's going to meet that demand," Irish Infrastructure Fund Principal, Philip Doyle said (pictured). "enet was attractive for us as an investment because it offers the whole package, including the Metropolitan Area Networks it manages, its wholesale relationships, and its AirSpeed Telecom retail business. We see a retail offering as a fundamental part of any large telecom operator and we're keen to see growth there, delivering a new and different product set to business customers."

If you have questions about how AirSpeed Telecom can help you, or would like to discuss your current requirements, don't hesitate to get in touch. We’ll announce our new service enhancements as they become available; drop us a note if you’d like to join our mailing list at Our case study library also features stories of the voice and data solutions we've delivered for customers in the Republic and Northern Ireland, if you’d like to read more at

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